Apparel Dragon Fulfillment

The fashion industry is very dynamic and revolves around seasons, trends, and locations.

In order to keep up with the constant change, it’s mandatory to have the perfect fulfillment team as a partner. 
Team with Dragon to manage your fulfillment process, so you can focus on your customer’s hot look and high standards.

Our innovative order fulfillment system ensures the complete ensemble will be delivered on-time with each order. More satisfied customers will bring more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

Dragon Fulfillment has a long history of working with large and small brands for their apparel fulfillment services. We don’t care if you are a famous brand or you just stepped into the fashion world. 
The potential generates grate ideas and great ideas can write up the history. To do it right, all systems and procedures have to be perfect.

Thankfully, at Dragon perfection is our main goal.

It’s apparel—if the dress is perfect , but the body isn’t …returns happen 😊. We work with you to set QC standards, reconditioning returned items to get them sellable again.

Our professional facilities are adjusted for the fashion industry, to support your every need.

We offer personalized packages & services, such as packaging for special occasions.

We offer professional rack infrastructure adjusted to storing clothing, optimizing our space while giving your items a perfect fit.

We have a professional facility that makes it easy for us to prepare returned product for resale.