Electronics Dragon Fulfillment

It’s the 21st century and we all know that the Consumer electronics play a key role in every day life. Either we want to admit it or not, we would not be able to live without the technology anymore.

From wearable devices to high-tech appliances, new innovations are a constant and being up to date became a must have for each one of us.

Don’t let the trends of today slow down the delivery of tomorrow’s products. Dragon’s team of technicians will bring your operation up to speed.

Last year the consumer electronics market generated over $200 billion in revenue and as a result of this growth, many brands experience complex challenges when it comes to inventory management and order fulfillment. 

This shouldn’t be a concern anymore if you choose Dragon’s services.

Your only concern should be to keep up with the high demand and high expectations from your customers. 
From constant product innovation and competition, to seasonal and holiday inventory surges, to increasing big box retailer demands to same day direct-to-consumer fulfillment expectations, to returns processing; order fulfillment for consumer electronics has never been more critical to this fast growing and competitive industry.

Electronics manufacturers produce, market and sell a wide variety of products with multiple features and configurations, making inventory management a challenge.

But why loosing time by handling with logistic tasks when you can invest it in keeping up with the market and developing new strategies and ideas to beat the competitors? Technology changes quickly and brands can be left with aged, unsold product that loses value and costs money to store year-after-year. 

Though, with an increasing number of SKUs, poor inventory management can distract and drain financial resources from consumer electronics brands. 

Choosing Dragon as a partner, you will have visibility into your inventory, across your entire line of SKUs. This is  essential for managing the packaging, handling, and transportation of consumer electronic products.  We are aware that these products are valuable and expensive, requiring additional security measures to be taken so we ensure safekeeping throughout the supply chain.

Access to strategically located fulfillment centers to efficiently and cost effectively deliver product to consumers in 72 hours or less can make the difference from becoming a world wide known brand or getting lost into their “shadow” .  The Dragon fulfillment partner can drive high performance by deploying proven industry systems and processes, while applying its intimate knowledge of servicing big box and eCommerce retailers will ensure that your customers’ expectations continue to be met year after year.