Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

Definitely not.  We work month-to-month. Our customers are not feeling any kind of pressure.

Absolutely not. We work for big and small companies as well. And each customer is important for us.

The price is calculated according to the product’s weight or volume and the additional checked options, no matter of the day or the hour of the delivery.

Our portfolio of services includes complete services on the market, from national and international shipping, economic or express, to customized offers of fulfilment and logistic.

Processing Orders

You need to bear in mind that a unique code of transportation is assigned to each package (AWB) which is sealed on the box through all its way to our deposit. It is very important not to be detached from the box. If you checked for the purchased service more packages, yes, it is possible.  If you chose only one product, you need to find a box big enough for all the items you want us to ship.

We recommend it because it’s the safest mode for the item’s safety.

You can request the compensation of the damages through an email with the details of the problem and an attachment of the payment confirmation and if you have, also pictures of the damaged item. The verification procedure implies some stages that need to be followed and it can take up to 90 days.

Wherever you want to dispatch your package, Dragon Fulfillment is offering you fast shipping without any effort from you. You can place an order online or through an email. You can place the order at any time. Our team’s schedule is Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00 and they can offer you support via phone or email. The order will be processed in the first working day.

We can also integrate with your shopping cart, your accounting program or your order management system. 

You will receive an email with the confirmation, then our team will contact you for verification and confirmation.

Same Day Service on most orders. But 24-hour turn-around is standard for e-commerce orders.

Yes.  We ship to both retail stores and direct to consumers every day.

Yes.  We ship to all point around the globe daily.

Yes, we put your logo on it. It is your order and your brand image is very important. We customize the package to fit your business.

Thanks to our cloud-based system, you have access anywhere and anytime.

Yes. Your stock is as important to us at it is to you. We cannot process orders without the items in our warehouse so we will make sure to always have the right quantity.  We can set low inventory alarms to notify you automatically.

Yes.  We do this for most of our clients and we help them reduce the costs for sending their inventory to Dragon.

Just ask and we will take care of everthing!

You can pay by card when you place the order (no additional fees)

Bank transfer or pay on delivery (only for national shipping).

All the big ones . If you’re working with a new one, just name it and we will find a solution 😊!

Approximately 45-minutes to 4 hours depending on the shopping cart.